The Sturm Lab is devoted to (1) improving the measurement of Neurodevelopmental Disorders and (2) understanding the Transdiagnostic determinants of the incredible resilience of youth and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD.

Youth and young adults with neurodevelopmental disorders often face and overcome, many more obstacles than their neurotypical peers. The Sturm Lab studies the transdiagnostic constructs (e.g., social processes, cognitive systems, self-regulated learning) and comorbid disorders that are determinants of successful life transitions (e.g., postsecondary education, employment, independent living, relationships) among individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders. In the future, we will work toward personalized intervention approaches that can target these transdiagnostic processes to best address the unique needs and strengths of a neurodiverse population.

We also aim to make measurement of the core features of neurodevelopmental disorders more efficient, flexible, and precise. This is accomplished through the application of powerful statistical tools (e.g., item response theory) to large, combined databases. The big data and people-powered approach to ASD and ADHD research allows for refinement of existing measures, and development of novel measures. 

Our projects would not be possible without the generosity of thousands of individuals and families who have volunteered for research. We thank YOU!